Easy and Quick duct cleaning

Easy duct cleaning with Nordfab QF duct!

Before you commit to buying the cheapest available ducting Nordfab, manufacturer’s of QF™ clipped and FL flanged ducting, advise you consider whether you will need to move, change or access the ducting. Duct cleaning is often forgotton and can be a time consuming and expensive process if ducting isn’t easy to take apart.

Clean duct work as a legal requirement

Catering and hospitality are examples of industries where cleanliness and safety are both strictly enforced legal requirements and the consequences of non-compliance can be extrememely severe. Modern kitchens will utilise extraction systems to extract fumes, smoke, dust and vapours. This equipment will discharge through industrial extraction ducting.

Ducting systems and duct work therefore unfortunately form the perfect landing ground for grease, oil and other sticky droplets. These particles settle and stick as the air they are in is drawn into the extraction duct system. These deposits will quickly build up in any commercial kitchen representing both a potential fire or explosion risk and a breeding ground for bacteria. Both Health and Safety and Work regulation and Fire Regulations place and clear duty of care on the business owner or premises manager to ensure the safety of employees and the fitness for purpose of the equipment. Grease extract systems are specifically referenced as fire hazards, action is needed to assess and manage the possible risks effectively.

Removing grease during ducting cleans

A  regular duct cleaning programme will need to be devised, implemented and documented to remove grease deposits. Accessing the internal surfaces of ducting systems for cleaning is a legal responsibilitythat can be extremely difficult to fulfill where ductwork is hard to access or hard to take apart.

Choose Nordfab QF for clean ducting

Nordfab QF ducting can save many hours in cleaning and maintenance and reduce the need to use specialist contractors or expensive cleaning equipment. The QF quick fit ducting system is very simple to install and service. The release clips and open by lifting the release handle, the duct parts can then be cleaned, checked and inspected before being  reassembled as easily as they came apart!

Please read more about Nordfab QF ducting here or visit the duct shop.