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Nordfab – Ducting manufacturer UK

Nordfab are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of industrial ducting and ductwork. Nordfab ducting is used on many industrial and manufacturing dust extraction and filtration installations around the UK. It’s a proven premium quality ducting system that will perform well in many situations.

Ducting applications

Ducting applications for Nordfab include a wide range of industrial applications. Key industry segments are those that either generate high volumes of dust and waste (like the wood manufacturing industry) or those that use ducting extraction systems to remove explosive, dangerous or harmful waste. If dust is allowed to circulate it can cause a range of secondary problems as a consequence. These include risks to operator health and safety, increased facility cleaning costs, risks of equipment failure as well negative impacts on productivity and end product quality.

Nordfab are a UK based ducting manufacturer that have manufactured quality ducting for use within the project and installation teams of their own group of companies for many years. Nordfab ducting is also used around the world by contractors and end users who appreciate the many additional benefits of Nordfab QF quick fit ducting compared to alternatives like spiral ducting. Whilst the cost difference is typically very small, quick fit ducting can save many times that amount in labour on the initial installation alone. There are then the future benefits to factor in too as Nordfab ducting is easy to move. The QF quick fit clips mean it’s as easy to take apart and move or clean as it is to install – it takes just seconds!

Buy ducting direct from the manufacturer

Since 2012 Nordfab ducting has been available to buy direct from the ducting manufacturer via the webshop . This means many more contractors and end users are now discovering the benefits of Nordfab ducting! Forthose unsure of exactly what they require there’s further help at hand too – either by contacting Nordfab during office hours or by referring to the interactive ducting catalogue.