metal ducting from Nordfab ducting

Metal ducting from Nordfab

Nordfab’s metal ducting is a quality steel ducting product range. There are a number of reasons to consider metal ducting and it’s important to be aware of the benefits.

Advantages of metal ducting

Galvanised steel sheet metal ducting has many advantages. These include rigidity for keeping long runs straight and true. This in turn reduces airflow resistance and improves performance. Metal ducting is also corrosion resistant and can be produced by Nordfab ducting in a wide range of sizes and shapes including bespoke items.

Metal ducting is also resistant to condensation or water damage and has excellent airflow properties. Nordfab QF metal ducting is also easy to take apart and clean. Metal ducting can also have acoustic benefits in terms of higher sound transmission loss. Welded seams on Nordfab ducting also mean the metal seals virtually eliminate leakage. This can significantly improve performance, flow rates and energy efficiency. Finally because metal ducting is conductive it is easy to manage build up of static electricity to ensue it is discharged safely to minimise risks.

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