Nordfab Ducting Product Lines

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Nordfab provide ducting systems for a variety of industries and dust and fume collection applications:

Quick-Fit clip being fastened to ductThe Quick-Fit™ Duct System is used in a wide variety of industries, from cement production to food and pharmaceutical manufacturing, in facilities of all sizes – from large manufacturing plants to small labs to one-person woodworking shops. The QF Clip in conjunction with the unique rolled ends on components allow quick and easy installation or disassembly.


machine_shop_sealed_ductingNordfab’s Quick-Fit Sealed (QFS) ducting offers an unbeatable solution for oil mist and cutting fluid applications as well as all other general purpose dust extraction duties. In addition to welded seams, bends, branches, reducers and all other components that have either a spot welded or peened joint are sealed using a 2-pac epoxy.

high vacuum application illustrationNordfab High Vacuum Duct Systems are used in applications with high vacuum and low airflow being used to catch, transport and filter fumes, dust and other particles.


duct bendsNordfab 2mm and 3mm Mild Steel ducting is applicable for general applications where heavier duct than QF is required. Many components are available with painted surfaces.