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QFS Transition from Rectangular to Round

To minimize leakage, joints on QFS Transitions are sealed using a 2-pac epoxy.

When ordering Transitions, please specify:

  • A, B, and Ø dimensions
  • Positions of the connection spigot
  • Type of connection spigot (QF, flanged, or raw end)
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Product Description

QFS Transition from Rectangular to Round
Ø mm Item No.
100 LF22035-100
125 LF22035-125
140 LF22035-140
150 LF22035-150
160 LF22035-160
180 LF22035-180
200 LF22035-200
224 LF22035-224
250 LF22035-250
300 LF22035-300
315 LF22035-315
350 LF22035-350
400 LF22035-400
450 LF22035-450
500 LF22035-500
560 LF22035-560
630 LF22035-630
710 LF22035-710